15 Minute Photo Attack


Assignment Level: Stressful

This was a difficult assignment because I spent half my time second guessing myself wondering “will this really work for that prompt?”, the time limit messed with my brain and made me feel like I was not going to have enough time to get more than one or two done.  Partly because of this, the quality of the picture nor the creativity reflects well on me or my surprisingly decent quality phone camera.


The setting is mostly in my bedroom, I thought hopefully it would have enough material to work and enough light as well, however, for the shoe prompt I had to venture to the basement where the shoes are kept to get the correct picture. At first I was all set, thinking I could go outside to get this done, hoping the small amount of sun present would help with lighting and the grass with contrast, but as I was going down to get my shoes and take a picture of a clock, a storm rolled in, making it so that taking my phone outside and using it as a camera would not be a good idea anymore.

Picture Time: 

Because of the stress of the time limit pushing down on me, it probably would have been entertaining to watch me try to find things to take pictures of in my bedroom as I remember pretty much running in small circles with my phone in my hand, camera app open, frantically searching for photographic subjects.

Probably my favorite picture was the one that I took for the representation of joy prompt. I took it of a photo album, though the album is not open I can say that it contains pictures of friends and family and many pictures from my high school graduation. It is a representation of joy through memories.

#ds106 #photoblitz Joy in Memories

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While I thought analytically for that one, I simplified others, such as the “looking through something to see something else” prompt, and the “two things that do not belong together prompt”. For these I used looking through the plastic of a box to see the contents and two characters from separate movies.

#ds106 #photoblitz Two things that dont belong together

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#ds106 #photoblitz Through an Opening

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The pattern and shoe topics I found interesting and somewhat odd, but once I figured out what I wanted to use for them the picture was easy to quickly take and move on. I created a pattern out of Pooh and Piglet stuffed animals, however the contrast is interesting because even though they are the same character they are different. I also used my sisters shoes set nicely to look like they were on display.

#ds106 #photoblitz Repeating Pattern

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#ds106 #photoblitz Someone Elses Shoes

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Finally for the angle and color pictures I used things that were easy to grab and maneuver to show off. I used a painting I made that hangs on my blue walls and is predominantly blue to show color and my UMW bear from a bugs view.

#ds106 #photoblitz Unusual Angle

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#ds106 #photoblitz One color

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If I could redo the assignment with maybe a little more time I would have liked to use a different camera and maybe gone into the kitchen or outside to see what other, more aesthetically pleasing things I could have come up with.

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