4 Stars for Silver Star


For my four stars of assignments this weekend I decided to just do one four and a half star assignment and design my own superhero.

My hero is called Silver Star, my idea is that she is kind of a female, assassin version of Captain America. One of her defining traits is that she is intelligent and a good leader (although the design website wouldn’t let me do more than one). Her power is her surprisingly fast reflexes, which is what makes her a good assassin.


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The website I used made her a DC superhero even though I imagined her as part of the Marvel universe, however, maybe DC could use a superhero like this, seeing that most of their heroes are kind of dark and brooding, which is not how I imagined her. Also, I realized after I had finished and posted it on Instagram that the Marvel Universe has a hero called Silver Star although that hero is very different from mine.

I designed her costume to be black and tight in order to allow her job as an assassin to be easier, then the silver cuffs on her wrists and white shirt to represent the silver. If I could have I would have put stars somewhere on her although that was not an option for the design website, not all over her just maybe one on her stomach and one on her leg.

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  1. youseph595

    I love your idea of the superhero! You did a great job of detailing the powers and the process of making the superhero. I love how you made intelligence her specialty because many times the superhero who uses their intelligence in missions comes out victorious. One mistake I caught in your post is that the image of the superhero doesn’t show on here. I had to actually go to your Instagram to view the image. Besides that, amazing job overall!

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