A Fake Historical Fiction Novel


Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the greatest conquerors in history, known for all of his achievements but also for his greatest defeat, the battle of Waterloo. What would have happened if the great general had not been defeated? What if he could have continued on his war path and conquered the rest of Europe? Or at least farther than he actually got. This new novel follows Napoleon after he defeats the British in Belgium at the Battle of Waterloo to see what his next steps would have been and how far he would have gotten. This book will leave you wondering what your life would be like today had he made it farther in his conquest.

In this case finding a picture of Napoleon was not as hard as I expected, I was afraid that it would be difficult to find a good one since there are no photos of him, only paintings. I knew I wanted a nice picture, not one of the war pictures such as the one on the horse, I wanted one that showed him as a proud leader and hopefully had somewhat bright colors that would catch the eye.

I used Canva.com because I have some experience with it and I feel like it is the most fun to use. I started out with just a plain template then uploaded my picture and centered it before adding a background that would look good behind my picture. I used the kind of old timey block font for his name and the smaller, all caps, print font for the rest of the title and my name, to me both look like a newspaper type font which I thought was fitting. I then used the shape tool to find the little triangles to frame the picture which I think again look like a scrapbook or newspaper.

I feel like the final product could actually work as a book cover so I am pretty proud of it.


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