A Session in the art of Audio…Audioing…doing audio?


So first things first, I had absolutely no idea how to arrange audio or use any type of audio program before this week. I have some friends that do digital music creation and my boyfriend likes to play around on a production program similar to Audacity, just to see what he can do, but I myself had never attempted it.

Two Tube Videos: 

I started with the two youtube videos done by Jad Abumrad, both discussed radio and its benefits to society.

In the first one he talked about how radio makes connections even though the listener and the speaker cannot see each other. This I thought was really interesting because it is something that is part of every day life. Listening to a radio show in the car in the morning and thinking, “I know how that feels” or something along those lines, when the speaker tells a story or shares an opinion is a form of connecting with a stranger without ever meeting them. He also talks about the process of creating an image with your words and uses the term “co-authorship”. Meaning that as the speaker explains the they have picture in their mind, the listener begins to see it, because the voice and the details allow the listener to “join in” so to speak, on the creation of this image. To me that concept is extremely fascinating, just to realize that through the power of words and audio, whether it is through the radio or not, you are able to create a picture in your mind of something that you may never have seen before.

In the second video he talks about radio in relation to ancient storytelling as well as in relation to new technology. He starts off by talking about how stories and storytelling on the radio are completely separate from the technology that produces it. He talks about how he feels like storytellers have a connection to shamans and ancient storytellers. I think that is true, no matter how far back in history you go, in every culture, storytelling is a tradition, before the wheel was even invented there was storytelling, history by word of mouth. As Jad says in the video, the fact that radio is still alive and people are still listening to stories and history of others by word of mouth is amazing and does keep “today” connected with “yesterday” and also connects everyone that is listening to each other, as if they were all sitting together.  He also talks about the technology and the relation it has to the concept of radio and storytelling. The technology of radio allows the speaker to share without having to worry about being in front of a crowd as well as giving the ability to add more dimension to their stories and discussions by adding layers and other noises, again, drawing interest and connecting one thing to another to create the desired, speaker, listener connection.

Audio Sources:

Scrolling through and reading the audio sources page was also interesting as well as watching the two videos (youtube, and soundcloud). I think the Audacity tutorial type video was the most informative, the speaker did a really simple example but was able to successfully show off the most important things, which is good for me because other wise I would have no idea what I was doing when it came time to work on any assignment using the program. The soundcloud, youtube, and notes all heavily discussed layering which was something that I knew existed but not something that I realized would be so simple to pull off, granted it takes a little time but in the end it is simple. I think layering and fading are the best tools at an artists disposal when they are working with audio as they add dimension and “color” to the creations.

I am extremely thankful for the tutorials and explanations to use the programs and I think learning a little about what audio might mean to someone and how important it is, even today in an age where we want to be able to see and touch everything, was really important to help move along the understanding of how audio fits into storytelling.

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