A Week in Reverse


Okay so I actually did this weeks second half assignments a little bit backwards, by that I mean I did the Participation part first, then the assignment from the bank, then the alternate history, followed by the book cover, with the two required daily creates mixed in. Although I believe I did do the first half of the week assignments in order.

Week Part One: 

So the first half of the week, though it was hard, actually went by fairly quickly. I do not mean it was hard as in it was difficult, but it did take a long time and force me to look harder at everything around me.

Week Part Two: 

This is where I went a little out of order and had to think a little harder about other things besides what was around me. I had to do a little more research and spend  a little bit more time at my computer for this one.

Daily Creativeness:

Out of the daily create options from the last few days I chose to do the ones from the thirty first and the first.

The create from the thirty first was a picture of a whole bunch of different things and the assignment was to create a slogan for the picture. I chose to use that picture as if it was an ad for a career agency or a college, possibly an art school. I did post it on twitter however my twitter embeds only ever come up as links so I figured I might as well embed the picture instead.

The create for the first was to make a congratulations card for the happy couple getting married. I did this by writing a congratulations then inserting a bunch of marriage related pictures. Again, I did post it on twitter but I thought posting the picture itself would be better.

But either way here are the links to the twitter posts.



Four Stars out of the Bank:

For my four stars out of the assignment band I chose to do one assignment that equaled four and a half stars on it’s own. I chose to do the design your own superhero assignment and I used the DC superhero creator website. Which was fun although I did not really imagine my superhero as being a DC  hero.

I have also been getting comments about how my Instagram embeds have just been showing up as a large white space with the link at the bottom, I do not understand why because when I go on my website (not logged in as the admin) it is usually fine so again I will embed the post and put the picture in.



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Alternate History in a Nutshell: 

For my alternate history I chose to take on what would have happened if Napoleon had not been defeated by the British at Waterloo. I did some research and some speculating and came up with a couple possible stories, one of them was that he would have continued on his quest and conquered all of Europe making it unified which was his goal. The other was that he would have lasted a few more weeks, or even months, and then been defeated by the Russian and Austrian army who were extremely large and ready for him. Either outcome would probably have changed the culture of the countries he had conquered and possibly the dynamics of how countries were formed and politically split.

My Book: 

Moving onto the book cover assignment I used Canva to design my very own book cover that would be for a novel following the steps of Napoleon on his journey to continued power after his victory at Waterloo, whether that meant defeating all of Europe or continuing only a little longer to be defeated in Russia.


So for my participation I commented on multiple other peoples posts but then I could not remember who’s posts I commented on and I wanted to make sure I got screenshots just in case, not to mention when I hit the back button to go back to the DS106 website with the list of every ones posts, it again asked if I wanted to publish my comment so I was not sure if it went through the first time. I commented on both of Christines posts about Marilyn Monroe and DarthPipe’s post about her flower daily create.

What A Week: 

This week was actually a lot to take on but once I learned to pace myself I was able to get it all done in a good time frame. Overall, I feel like I learned a good deal of stuff about design and also about my computer and its capabilities. I think my favorite part of the class so far has actually been looking at the daily creates, I like seeing them every day and looking at every one else’s responses to them, especially ones like the company ad from the beginning of the week or the wedding cart from Friday. I am looking forward to seeing what we will be learning about next week and to seeing what type of daily creates the DS106 people come up with this coming week.



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