An Article About Watching Movies


Last week we did audio, the weeks before we did design, looks like now we are doing video and movies.

Jumping right on in, step one was to read and reflect upon/think about Robert Ebert’s “How to Read A Movie”, which is exactly what I did. I thought Ebert’s method of studying movies and looking at them critically was really interesting and drastically simple. All he said to do was pick a spot and pause the movie, then simply study the image and look at placement, body language of the actor and things like that to try and grasp the emotions and atmosphere that the directory or writer was going for. This connected with his “positive, negative, strong, and weak” views on how the placement of the actors portrays them in a different way, such as the actor on the right generally portrayed as being dominant over an actor on the left, and an actor in the middle is presumed to be in trouble. Basically right is positive, left is negative. As he mentioned this is using the rule of thirds just like we learned about in the photography unit.

Most of his article basically covered camera angle and placement and how things like that effect the movie and the emotion and atmosphere of it. I like how he used so much of his own experience and then gave an example at the very end, it was also really cool how he talked about whether or not the left, right rule applies in other countries who do not read from left to right and his insinuation that it does apply which is interesting.

Moving on I look ahead to the next assignment (more about video/movie making and analyzing) and start to anticipate the second half of the week and what that assignment will be.



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