Appreciate those Pups


I really do love dogs, they are always so happy and sweet and most of them are gentle as well, not to mention all the love that they hold for just you and your family. Because of that, my next video assignment is all about dogs.


My next assignment, for two stars, is called ‘Pupper Appreciation’ and I thought it was perfect. I used a mixture of dog memes and pictures of my own dog to create a fun montage of dog cuteness that lasts about three minutes. I used a program called Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus that my dad had bought for something a while back and was able to put onto my computer, once you get the hang of it it is actually quite easy to use, it reminded me of a video version of audacity. Once I had the pictures uploaded I was able to add special effects to each and (even though there were some complications along the way) rearrange them into the order I wanted. After that I chose a song to put it to and trimmed the song (in a way not dissimilar from audacity) and add effects to it to match the time and effect I wanted.

What this Assignment Means to Me:

I was really excited when I found this assignment because not only do I love dogs, but we recently had to put my dog, Brindy, down. The dog of mine that is featured in the slide show (and also the picture on my website) had to be put down during finals week of spring semester, she meant a lot to me and my family and we raised her from a puppy, she was twelve years old. I chose the song that I did, Carrie Underwood’s “See You Again” because it makes me think of her and our other dog that we had to put down several years ago. For me, making this video is in memory of her.

I still have five and a half more stars to do….Moving right along here in this last week of class!

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