Attack of the Cameras


What a Week:

Wow these last assignments have been a lot to take in. Just a lot of decisions and things to make sure they get done, not to mention time consuming. I understand what Professor Polack meant about the course being a lot to keep up with, good thing my 5 day a week job has not started yet, I can figure out my time budgeting for this class before it does. Although I am already missing the ability to watch TV instead of just having it on in the background as I stare at my computer.

Creative Daily:

I tried hard to keep up with the daily creates to make sure that I did enough. The first one that I did I unfortunately posted a day late, I chose to respond to the App Idea daily create and I personally thought my idea was decent especially for first time parents. Daily Create number two was the Meme out of a Song project, even though my creativity was lacking enough that day that I did not try to generate a meme of my own, I do think that particular part of the song would be open to a wide range of funny images. Finally I undertook today’s daily create, Make A Silly Infographic this one was actually a lot of fun to come up with, once I came up with a topic that is. I chose a topic important to me so doing it made me happy and brought back good memories.

Picture Attack:

The photoblitz, as stressful as it was, was actually a cool idea, something I would attempt again if given the opportunity. It was fun trying to follow the prompts and made me notice some different photogenic things around my bedroom and I am sure if I had ventured out to the rest of the house or outside, I would have found more. Combining the tips and the video from canvas were helpful too, making me think about the pictures I was taking rather than snapping and running.

6 Stars of Storytelling: 

Finally getting around to the storytelling through pictures assignment bank I was able to find two different assignments that equaled enough stars that seemed interesting enough. First I did the two star Common Everyday Object project which was fun to play with the coloring and tell the story of a student using some of the most common objects and a color scheme that matched.


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The second of my assignments was the five star Summarize A Movie Through Animated GIFs. This one was interesting too, I used the mythology based movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians and told the story through simple GIFs taken from the movie. A movie that I myself enjoy as well as the book, however I do know that the mythology behind the story told does not necessarily line up. Unfortunately when posting my GIFs I was not able to figure out how to put them together and twitter would not allow them to be all in one post, so they are a little disconnected, though it still gets the point across. Searching for them was also interesting as it meant scrolling through many many Percy Jackson GIFs (many just repeats done by different people) to try and build my story.

Future with Photography: 

Hopefully learning these tips and learning editing in my camera will give me a better appreciation when I am taking my pictures, as well as keeping me conscious when taking my photos.

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