Beauty and More Beauty


This half of the week required two daily creates, coincidentally, both required an aura of beauty.

The first one was about trees, we were supposed to find a tree and talk about it. By the time I was able to sit down and work on my assignment it was a little dark to go out and try to find a nice tree to talk about so I found one that I already had in my camera roll. The one I used was a bonzai tree that I saw in a presentation I went to for my religion class in the fall semester, they had trimmed and grown the tree to look like it was being struck by lightning, which I thought was really beautiful and interesting.

Next came the literal beauty create, it was simply to define beauty. As I scrolled through the other responses I noticed everyone was also using a picture so I decided I would too. In my opinion beauty is a matter of perspective and “in the eye of the beholder” . We all see beauty in different things and there is no one exact definition or perfect example for the word. For my example I used a picture of my cats paw, something so simple and also so essential is calming and exciting at the same time, giving it its own beauty. Not to mention the physical beauty in the coloring of her fur and pads.

I continue each day to look forward to when I get a chance to do my daily creates and look at what others have responded. I love being creative!


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