Do A Blitz!! (not the football kind)


So the big assignment this week was to do another Blitz, this time a design blitz. Basically, I was to learn about the eight big design principals then keep them in mind as I went about my life these last three days and take pictures of examples of at least five of them.

Picture one: I was able to find through my church’s social media, it was an add for their youth service happening this week. This one I thought was a good example of the principal of color. It uses a color scheme of four or five colors, each compliments the others while also popping on its own, to emphasize each of the elements.

#ds106 #designblitz Color

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Picture two: This one came from the Bristow Chik-fil-a, an advertisement for an even of theirs and how to sign up for it. To me this one is a good example of hierarchy. It uses a good variety of fonts sizes and colors to keep the interest of the viewer and emphasize the important parts like the title of the event, the restaurant name, and the date.

#ds106 #designblitz Hierarchy

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Picture three: Another Chik-fil-a ad that was up on the menu board. This one is a good example of alignment, each element of the ad is centered and lined up with one another in a way that shows off the important parts and draws the eye from top to bottom, left to right. (Not to mention what they are advertising is pretty tasty)

#ds106 #designblitz Alighnment

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Picture four: This one was an ad to buy a furry friend at Petsmart and represents Proximity. The adorable picture is on the left, big, noticeable, and intriguing. Then the words are all together on the right, starting big to grab attention and getting smaller to give the information.

#ds106 #designblitz Proximity

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Picture five: Finally another ad from my church’s social media, also for a message in the youth group that I believed was last week. This one qualifies for contrast. Each color and element compliments each other and pulls the eye around, however the bright white words in the middle that hold the title of the message contrast against the pink and blue of the elements behind it.

#ds106 #designblitz Contrast

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I liked this blitz, kept me paying attention to what was going on around me all week and kept my eyes sharp in looking for design principals.


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