Do YOU Know the Muffin Man??


The first of my video assignments this week is my assignment that relates to the nursery rhyme from the question of the week. I chose the song  “do you know the muffin man” I thought that would be a good one to be able to change the mood of.


I chose the four and a half star assignment of making a lyric video (harder than it sounds in case you were wondering). I was actually able to use Microsoft  PowerPoint which I have a feeling was a little easier than trying to use a video creating software, at least while I play with my new video software and figuring it out. I inserted the pictures just like a normal PowerPoint as well as the lyrics, transitions, and music. Next I used the ‘Rehearse Timing’ button to record when each slide should change and when the words should come into view based on the song. The hardest part was exporting it from PowerPoint, which I did not even know you could do until my dad helped me figure it out, and uploading it to YouTube, which took a long time.

I have already picked most of the other assignments I want to do and I am looking forward to trying to make them work.


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