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This week we went through the process of signing up for everything and doing introductions plus our first daily creates.

I started with the daily create,  the first step was guessing what the picture to word puzzle given to us was, the second step was to create our own.

After that we were supposed to introduce ourselves to the world of instagram through 3 pictures that describe us. My first picture was of me and my younger sister who is a Sophomore in High School, she is special to me and we have always been closer than the average sibling relationship even though we don’t always get along. The second is of me and my boyfriend, we have been together for almost six years and love each other very much, he is very special to me and my other half. The last is of senior night at a football game in high school with two of my best friends in our marching band uniforms.


Finally we are supposed to answer this question “What is your favorite type of story and why?”
I love many types of stories, one of my favorite pastimes is reading, I think I would consider multiple of these options my favorite. However, if I had to choose one I think mythology would be my favorite, as much as I like fantasy, action, comics, and romance as well, mythology is most interesting. I enjoy the different stories and trials that the characters go through and the civilizations that believe in them make it even more interesting.

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