First We Read, Now We Watch


Part two of this half of the week was to watch some videos about some stuff about working on movies, things such as camera angles and editing techniques.

I chose four of the videos to watch, the first was “Examples of Editing Techniques”.

I found this one really interesting because even though it did not give explanations it was easy to find the examples of the different techniques from just the examples. It was also cool how many examples they found especially when compared to the next video, “Top 20 Cinematic Techniques”, which was the same, it showed a lot of examples of different techniques, each with the movie title and technique listed at the beginning. What was impressive was how specific some of the examples were and how none overlapped with the other video.

The third video I watched was the information video about Camera Angles. That one was more a tutorial or lesson than the others, the man in the video explained what he was talking about while he showed examples, it was something that, in a way, connected to the photography unit. He talked about the different angles and techniques and how they effect the viewers experience with movie and video.

When it came time to pick another video I had no idea what to do since they all seemed to be example videos and I was not sure about watching another one of those. Then I saw the one titled “Hitchcock Loves Bikinis”, and decided I had to watch that one. It turned out to be something that was actually educational, he used the bikini example to prove that different images with different reactions produce a totally different point of view. His example was a shot of a woman and a baby going to a shot of a man that smiles at them, portrays a nice man who likes babies, where a woman in a bikini going to a shot of a man smiling looks like a creepy old man.

So learning these things in these videos were actually beneficial and hopefully will be helpful in the unknown assignment in the other half of the week. Something I am still a little concerned about to be completely honest.

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