GIFs and Erasers and Pencils, OH MY!


When looking at the visual assignments it was difficult to choose one as there were so many options. The first one I chose was the Common Everyday Object prompt.  I took a picture of one of the most important things in life to a  student, a pencil and an eraser. Then the task was to play with the coloring and make the objects look different.


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The second one I chose was Summarize A Movie With Animated GIFs and I chose the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians. However twitter would not let me post all the GIFs together and everything I tried to put them together made them no longer animated so I had to post them all separately.

Unfortunately separating them this way makes it harder to connect the story into one coherent thing, however, anyone who knows the story will figure it out, and anyone who knows the mythology behind it knows that the novel does not match up with the myth whatsoever.


One thought on “GIFs and Erasers and Pencils, OH MY!

  1. dzeinedd

    Hey Kim,

    Cool post, I wish there was a little more color on the blog post, but Twitter can sometimes be a little difficult. I like Percy and the Olympians! Was it difficult to find those Gifs? I also do not see the Instagram post on the blog. A very concise blog post.

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