Going to DC Week 3 Part 1 (the daily creates site not Washington)


The daily creates for this week so far have been actually pretty cool. They have been fun to look at other peoples as well as fun to create.

Monday, June 3rd

This daily create was to take a piece of art and make a GIF out of it. I used the  website linked to the assignment and searched for Vincent Van Gogh and was able to gain access to a lot of his works. I chose to use his painting, The Potato Eaters, and used giphy to turn it into a GIF.

Tuesday, June 4th

Today’s Daily Create was fun too. We were told to create basically an ad for the concept of idleness. I used Canva and inserted a cute picture of a sloth just chilling in a hammock and my own definition of the word along with a little joke about what the actual definition is in the dictionary.

I think Daily Creates are a fun and important part of the course because they keep me on my toes. They help to remember to look at the course materials every day and keep my skills sharp in using things like photo shop and canva, which are things that we use throughout the course.

Now I have to move on to the Audio Assignments………



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