Going to DC Week 3 Part 2 (once again the daily creates site not the capital)


So once again the daily creates this half of the week require a fair amount of creativity.

Friday, June Eighth

I chose to do Fridays daily create which was to write out your name in tifnagh characters. At first I read the assignment and completely skipped over the part where it said write in tifnagh and just read the part about seeing your name in another language or font. I thought that meant we were supposed to write our name in another type of writing so I sat down and started to write my name in Hieroglyphics, then I happened to glance at the assignment again and see the part about tifnagh so I started over. I did finish quickly though once I looked online and figured out which symbol went to which letter.

Saturday, June Ninth

I had to get a little more creative with today’s assignment, it was a little difficult to think about what I should use to make a graph out of. Finally I decided I would show off a little of my nerdy side with a glimpse at what it is like in my bedroom. I have to shelves on my wall and an entire wall and a half covered with Marvel Comics merchandise. So I did a count of what I have and compared Iron Man, Spider Man, Captain America, Miscellaneous Characters, and things with a large group of them on it. This is just stuff on my walls, I also have many t shirts and other things as well. I used a canva template with a bar graph and inserted my text and pictures.

Moving on:

Now I have to move on to the weeks other assignments and I am a little nervous about working with the audio stuff.

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