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So throughout the week, besides the daily creates, I had to do a crash course in using audio in digital storytelling. I downloaded the Audacity Program and spent some time confusing myself about whether or not the LAME plugin for Audacity was downloaded and installed correctly. Then of course came the lesson and the videos and the Soundcloud podcasts.

Daily Creates: 

The daily creates were both fun to look at others and fun to create. I enjoy keeping up with the daily creates and using programs like photoshop and canva. This week was photoshop to create an ad for the concept of idleness and a GIF out of a painting.

Assignment Part One: 

For the first assignment this week we had to watch two youtube videos and look at some resources about audio and how to arrange it and use it to our advantage. I really thought I learned a lot from this assignment in particular because it taught me how to use the program and what the best “strategy” is for using audio in digital storytelling.  The videos discussed a lot about radio and the relationship between radio and storytelling and it was actually very informative and I was surprised how much I agreed with the speaker about the relationship between radio hosts and storytellers, ancient and present, as well as the amount of audio tools that can be used in radio.

Assignment Part Two: 

Part Two was to listen to the soundcloud podcast and analyze it to think about the different tools and techniques used in reference to the audio in order to enhance the story being told. I listened and between the story line and effects I felt like everything was actually happening around me, it made my emotions and heart rate skyrocket.

Putting All this New Knowledge Together: 

So together the two assignments boil down to how important audio and effects are to the storytelling process. They create emotion and a sense of atmosphere (space,environment) that you may not have if it was just a narrator telling a story. I really enjoyed learning about audio and how to use it and I look forward to trying out audacity, however, I am also nervous, I feel like although I am a musically oriented person the audio section will not be my forte. Although, if I can manage to get it right I bet it will enhance my work and make it better (or at least I really hope so).

I look forward to trying and hopefully succeeding in the second half of the week, but hey you never know what will happen….


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