Learning About the Moving Pictures


So far this week we have started to learn about videos and movies and how to edit them, we have not technically learned how to make them, but there was some stuff on camera angles and filming techniques.

Part One: 

The first assignment was to read the article “How to Read A Movie” by Robert Ebert. In the article he talks about how to pull apart a movie and the scenes of a movie to find the techniques and placements. The biggest thing I took out of it was that the placement and angles matter, just like in photography, the placement and angles of the subjects and cameras in video has a very big influence on the atmosphere and the viewers emotions and opinions about the final product and it’s subjects.

Part Two:

The second part of the week was to pick and watch four different videos about techniques and rules in video making. I chose four of them and as I watched each I tried to find the rules and techniques and lessons in each in order to get out as much as I could. I chose to watch “Examples of Editing Techniques”, “Top 20 Amazing Cinematic Techniques”, “Camera Angles and Techniques”, and “Hitchcock Loves Bikinis”. Each held their own examples and lessons but the one I got the most from was the last one. I was not sure exactly what I was getting into by watching that one but the lesson from it made the most sense and gave the best example. It talked about how putting two different scenes together changes the mood and opinions of the characters. Like in his example about the old man and the mom and baby, versus the old man and the girl in the bikini.

Daily Creates: 

Onto the daily creates, both covered beauty and both were fairly simple compared to some of the past assignments. In the first we were supposed to describe a tree that caught our eye and in the second we were supposed to define beauty (something that really cannot be done in all honesty). For the first I used an interesting bonzai tree from a presentation in the fall and in the second I used an adorable picture of my cats paw and described how I see and “define” the word beauty.

Weekly Question:

I am not exactly sure how to approach this weeks weekly question, I would not even know how to change any nursery rhymes but I have to try it and see how it goes.

One that could be changed would be “Do you know the Muffin Man?”, this could be turned from happy to sad or maybe happy into serious depending on how you read it. It sounds like you are asking someone if they know the muffin man just in a curious conversational way, however it could be taken sad or seriously by asking in a way that implies that no one knows him (as in he has no friends) or that no one knows where he is, which in the time period would be a different way of saying it, making it serious (he is missing).

I have said it twice and I will say it again, I am both nervous and excited to see what the assignments for the rest of the week will be….

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