My Favorite Methodology


So the prompt is to pick my favorite methodology or historiographical school and talk about it and how it fits in history and so on. I honestly don’t know how to answer that question though, I like the study of history on its own and I don’t have a favorite topic or time period, I know there are some things that I do not particularly like to study but I’m not sure what my favorite thing to study is. I enjoy studying the American Revolution but I do not necessarily enjoy the colonial period leading up to it or political history in general, same with the Civil War and the World Wars. I really do enjoy the study of the Mediterranean world in general, all aspects, mostly the ancient period with Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, Egypt and so on. I think the ancient Mediterranean world is important to the way I look at history because I see the way they lived and how similar it can be to our world and I see how it has been the foundation to our world, we learn a lot of things from them and their mistakes and successes.

I think using the study of the ancient Mediterranean world to do a research project is pretty much inevitable in a lot of cases regardless of the topic, however, using the historiography of it to do a research project on it is also inevitable. Something that we have evidence of but not very many first hand accounts, most of which are open to interpretation and also could be some variation of the original, you kind of have to use the historiography to help along and support and research and argument you may come up with.

So there we go, though I do not really have a favorite I do enjoy the ancient empires and the historiography of them is very important to use in research projects while the history of them is important in research projects for a lot of subjects.

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