My Future in History


As this semester comes closer and closer to ending I have to start thinking about what in History interests me the most looking ahead. Thinking about my past assignments and what I enjoy I honestly cannot say that there is not a singular thing that I like more than others, I enjoy learning about World War II and the Holocaust but I also enjoy all parts of the Ancient World specifically Greece, Rome, and Egypt.

In order to research something you have to start with a question, in this case a historical question maybe one that it is difficult to find an answer to. Of course on those two topics it is somewhat hard to find questions that haven’t been answered yet, one has been around so long and the other is a fairly common topic. As I looked into for my paper the topic of Holocaust Denial is interesting, not that I agree with it but I would like to find a good answer on how and why these deniers come to the conclusions they do, although that may not be an easy thing given the small amount of scholarship and such out there.

Another question would be something along the lines of how and why did the Romans, Grecians, and Egyptians live the way they did and how they made the advances they did with the limited technology they had. That question brings a different problem because this historical topic has been around for so long that there is so much out there about it and plenty of opinions.

So as I move on and explore these topics more I will have to keep thinking of some more interesting questions to try and answer.

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