Noises for two please


To help myself along in making the twelve stars of progress , I chose to do the Collection of favorite sounds.

I started off with and started to search for and find some noises that I found pleasurable to the ear. I narrowed it down to five different noises.

The first one is  a marching band, it takes me back to my memories of being in marching band myself. The second one is a recording of the noise a fish tank makes, I like the sound of being under water and bubbles. The third one is the turning page in a book, which I enjoy because I like to read, it has a calming effect. Next is the barking of a dog, reminding me of growing up with my furry friends. Finally the last one is the rustling of bed sheets or blankets, this makes me think of sleep and warmth and cuddles, all things everyone should have plenty of.

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