Rapid Design Lesson for Dummies


So this first half of memorial day week went by in a flash with the assignments and things to think about.

I did all three daily creates, I saw the directions said two but I thought “what the hey I will do them all just in case”, plus they are kinda fun to try and figure out.

Mondays create was to insert yourself or a friend into a weird place, I did exactly that but kind of in a cheesy way.

Tuesdays was a lot of fun to try and figure out what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. The title was Fonts Matter and wanted us to realize the importance of fonts in designs and how they can effect the perception of the ad. It made me think of that one grammar joke of how commas save lives.

Today’s was also interesting to figure out what I wanted to use and what I wanted to say. The assignment was to pick a business, find their font, and write a fake ad for them. I chose Chik-fil-a but because their logo font is so unique, I used the font that their ads are in, the one that looks like the cows wrote it.


Designing Basics:

Part two of this week (which I guess is technically part one) was to watch two Ted talks done by designers then complete some tutorials on Canva. This task was a little more time consuming than I expected and in my opinion, though they were fun, the Canva tutorials were basic knowledge. The Ted talks were cool though, both designers did a good job with their talks and both were fairly funny as well.

Another Blitz:

Step three (sort of part two) was the design blitz. It was like the photo blitz in some ways and not in others. The photo blitz was quick and specific while the design blitz was more planned and thought out. It forced me to look at the design principals in the article and start to notice them around me as I go about my daily life. Kinda gave me a better appreciation for those that use them and a more judgmental thought towards those that don’t. πŸ™‚

Question of the Week:

What if you passed that test or won that game, or what if you hadn’t.Β  It is east to think about the what ifs in life but what about the what ifs for some pretty big events of the past? One “what-if” that I think would have an interesting outcome is, What if Napoleon had kept going? That is a huge question! Think about how far and fast Napoleon and his army was spreading, if they had gone farther what would life be like today? What historical events would never have happened. To me this question is a really good one (as were all the others) because I love history and I think it is fun and interesting to think about the what-ifs and alternatives to different historical events, this one however, would change more than just today and recent history, this would change most of our known history, American and global.

Just something to think about till next time…….;)

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