Telling Napoleons Story through Audio


So the final assignment I tackled this week was the assignment to create an audio story of our alternate history assignment from last week. When I was working on this and finding my sound effects I decided to just tell the story through sound effects because when I tried recording my own voice it sounded terrible, I am not sure if it is because of my current cold or my computers microphone or both, but I did not feel that using my voice would benefit the story in any way.

It was somewhat difficult to formulate my ideas onto the computer about what I wanted the story to turn out like but I eventually was able to come up with a decent outline. I feel like it tells a story without speaking, it is all in the imagination all you know is what you can hear in the actions, the anger and determination, the defeat and victory.

The beginning starts with the commanders battle cry then the men yell and ride into battle as some dramatic music plays in the background. After they battle a while everything becomes quiet, the battle noises and the music fades out and after a moment of silence you hear the opposing side drop their swords. The French cheer loudly and some victorious music plays through a fade out to the end.

I was proud of this and felt that it told my story though I wish I could have found a better way to get the story across.


One thought on “Telling Napoleons Story through Audio

  1. youseph595

    Awesome Job! One thing I really liked about your audio piece is how you had multiple audio bits running simultaneously, while still having the sounds controlled. I felt like I was hearing a professional audio clip for a short film. One critique I would give you is that you should explain more about the process you had to create the audio piece. Talk about the steps you took to complete your audio clip, as well as include screenshots of the steps. Overall, great work though!

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