The Making of “The Story of Mickey”


Final Project Process:

My last blog post was my final project telling the story of Mickey Mouse using some digital and some written techniques.

DS Phase 1:

The first digital storytelling technique that appears in my post is my timeline of Mickeys life.

I went on canva and started with an empty timeline template. I deleted the template text and added my pictures then I added my own text.

DS Phase 2: 

The next digital storytelling techniques that comes up in my project post is my photographs. I went around my house and found a few of my little Mickey figures. The first is an example of the 1930’s Mickey from the short The Band Concert that I have that sits on top of a moving Christmas ornament. It is also a good example of depth, you can see the Mickey front and center, bright colors and very defined. In the background you see the blurred trees and sky pulling focus back to the Mickey.

The second example is my sorcerer Mickey figurine which is an example of 1940’s Mickey from Fantasia. This picture is also an example of lighting. The bright light gives the figure a neat effect and keeps the focus on it because it is the only thing you can see.

The final one is a picture of a statue I got from my grandmother for graduation. It is a good example of the 2000’s Mickey, happy, well defined, and still cartoon like. I took the picture from a lower and side angle to create a different perspective, making Mickey look larger.

DS Phase 3:

The final example of our digital storytelling techniques that appears in my project is my video with audio. I researched my Mickey pictures then uploaded them into my Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus program then used my techniques and limited tech knowledge from the past videos to create a few neat transitions and effects.

After that I went over to Audacity and used to find a Mickey mouse voice, a ticking clock to match the timeline theme of the video, and some music that, to me kind of sounds like it could be Disney music.

Next I cut the Mickey voice to just the first few seconds, then I started layering.

The last step was to take the Mickey voice out for the rest of the slideshow and just layer the music and clock noise.

Finally I added the audio to the video and got my Mickey creation.

Finally I put it all together and added my written word to create my story.

Daily Creates for the Week:

The first daily create for this week was Mondays, which was to appreciate the beauty of nature by posting a picture of a sunset. I had a beautiful picture in my camera roll of a sunset that I took one day on my way home from work. I liked how the colors layered and the clouds looked like one long layer.

The next daily create was Tuesdays which was to decide what animal you might want to be. I chose a dolphin, they are smart and happy, and playful, and beautiful, not to mention they get to swim all the time.


The last daily create was today’s which was to find a quote that I really like or that I find interesting or inspiring. No surprise here, I chose the quote I used earlier in the class from Winnie the Pooh. “Always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” –A.A. Milne.


So I think that is it, I have officially finished DS106. So I believe this is me signing off.


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