The Sound From Hell


For my next three stars I put together the sound from hell. I used and searched up some of the sounds I hate the most then layered them on top of each other.

The first sound in the layer is the screeching of a train stopping on the tracks, this noise may not be something I particularly hate but I could definitely live without it. Next is the sound of crunching, I do not know why but for some reason the sound of someone crunching food drives me absolutely crazy, especially when they are sitting next to me. Third is the ripping of paper, this again is something I could live without, when done fast it sounds a little like the crunching, not to mention it bothers me if the tear is not mostly straight. Finally is the sound of traffic, this does not need an explanation, everyone hates traffic.

When all layered on top of each other it is like an assault on the ears, making it the noise from hell.


One thought on “The Sound From Hell

  1. Jordan Chandler

    I found this to be a unique way to show all of the horrible sounds the world has to offer. Since you overlaid the sound clips it made it much more unpleasant but at the same time it was hard to tell what the different sounds were without reading your description. Overall, the way you described the sounds made understand why those sounds are so unpleasant to you! Great work!

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