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So the topic this time around is to discuss how digital tools are beneficial to the professional world, naturally being a history class of history majors the focus being more on the historical profession than anything else. I had to look up the definition for digital tools to make sure I had it right…I did not, I think of digital tools like what you think of when you hear the word digital, computers and phones etcetera. Turns out digital tools are more like learning teaching aids, powerpoint, prezi, google, even smartboard. How these are beneficial to the professional world is a little more difficult to determine than if it was computers and such.

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All these digital tools are useful for the historic profession because of the helpfulness of having them on hand to use for presentations and research and putting them out for others. Obviously things like powerpoint and prezi help with presentations, which is good because it gives a visual aid and keeps the presenter a little more on track than if they just had free reign to talk about what they wanted or tried to use their notecards, not to mention it takes the focus off of the speaker for those that are nervous public speakers (like myself). Then there is the fact that you can put powerpoints and videos and other things of that nature onto google or wikipedia or youtube (the last one being the more likely) meaning your work is not out there. This also makes it easier for others to do their research and get their sources, and using other peoples work in the same way helps you to find your resources.

Then there are tools like the cloud or google drive/ computer hard drive (which I think counts), this helps to save research and work and share work and find sources. These tools make it easy to keep track of everything and attempt to keep your work in order and presentable if the time ever arises.

To sum up, digital tools are at a point of almost being necessary in most professions including history, and historians can benefit a lot from them in most aspects of their research and careers. I’ll admit this was harder than I thought it would be when I actually sat down and tried to figure it out but I do believe everything I said about how the tools are helpful.

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