Three and a Half Stars for the Movies


Part One of this weeks assignments is to complete 12 stars of audio assignments, two of which have been chosen for us. I chose to do the sound effects story first and decided my story would be about going to the movies. I used audacity and to do so then posted it on soundcloud.

The first sound is simple, it is of a car parking and turning off. Then someone gets out of the car and walks away. Following that is the sound of the movie theater door opening and the sound of popcorn and a crowd of people fades in as if you are walking in the door. The sound of popcorn and the crowd get louder then slowly fade out and the sound of ripping paper is heard, to simulate the tearing of the ticket. Then there are quiet footsteps as you walk down the hall and into the theater, then there is the sound of a quiet crowd as you sit down and begin to enjoy your popcorn. Finally the crowd quiets down as the lights dim and when everyone is quiet the opening music of the movie starts to play.

It was difficult to layer the sounds together and keep them at a good volume, I had actually had a few more sounds in there that I ended up having to take out because I could not get the volumes correct that you could hear them and still have the other sounds at a realistic level. I was proud of my final product though. The only thing I wish was that I would have been able to find a better sound for the movie starting rather than just going into the music although there are some movies that do that.

It was also interesting finding the sounds, picking the right one, then in the end, uploading it to soundcloud. I almost uploaded it twice because I did it but it was not in my library yet so when I went to my library it was not there and I panicked but it ended up being okay. My only complaint so far is that it is hard to overlap the sounds and make them flow nicely in audacity.

So there is three and a half of my twelve stars now I move on to the rest of them and see what I can come up with.


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  1. Well done. You did a great job of listening for what we would hear and then portraying it. I like that you removed some audio, which I’ve also experienced.

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