Tips and Tricks For Photography…and some Abandoned Buildings


Good Photography Advice: 

One of the things I had never heard of before when I was watching the video was the part about the rule-of-thirds. This was not something I had heard of before, however, contrast, depth, perspective, lighting, and aesthetic are all things that are common knowledge to anyone who takes pictures, whether they know the technical terms for them or not.

In my photoblitz I felt like I used the perspective aspect a few times and the contrast element as well.

For perspective I used my UMW bear from a bugs view and shoes from a new angle. Using the bear was interesting because once I got him to stand I had to lay on the floor with the phone to get the right angle picture without knocking him over. The final product has an interesting effect though as it makes the viewer look at the object from below as if it is bigger than them, rather then from straight on or looking down on it.

#ds106 #photoblitz Unusual Angle

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For the shoes it makes it so that the viewer has to see them in a different light. Shoes are often though of as dirty and, to some, unimportant. However, with my younger sisters pair of more elegant looking shoes arranged in a photogenic way, I was able to get down on their level. This allowed me to shoot them from an angle in which they would normally not be appreciated as they are usually looked away from or down on. Normally when I discover a picture of my shoes on my camera roll, I do not say, “wow that is interesting” I say, “shoot when was my camera on when I did not know it?”

#ds106 #photoblitz Someone Elses Shoes

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The ten unconventional tips were also interesting, they made the art of photography look even more manageable to someone without experience, between these tips and the comment in the video about not needing special equipment, photography becomes something that anyone with an artists eye can easily get into. Tip number four of ten goes along with the perspective theme as well. This tip is titled “get into silly positions” and that is exactly what I did in the process of taking my album picture. With the album on the floor, in order to get the perspective and lighting needed I was forced to bend over and turn myself partly upside down to reach the desired effect.

#ds106 #photoblitz Joy in Memories

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My best example of contrast was in my dominant color image. Though the subject of the image does not include things uncommon, the presence of shades of the one color contrast each other as well as contrasting the small section of the other color causing it to pop.

#ds106 #photoblitz One color

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Abandoned Buildings: 

I chose to look through the album of pictures from The Church of Transfiguration, the photographer clearly violates the rule-of-thirds in almost every picture by centering the subject of his photo.


Church of the Transfiguration (Philadelphia, PA) | St. Matthew


In another picture he uses lighting and perspective. The angle he takes the picture at shows the rows of seats and the arches that pull the eye across the image, the angle also provides with an unusual look at the space, it is almost as if the picture is taken by a giant or an angel. The lighting from the windows on either side also gives a good effect to the photo, makes the building feel warm and not as abandoned as what is in the other photos.


Church of the Transfiguration (Philadelphia) |we can all be as one - The Church of the Transfiguration


This series of pictures does not contain the normal “ugly” quality normally present in the other abandoned america albums and in most pictures there is not the creepy quality. However some of them are eerie, such as the empty staircase, but overall the pictures still follow the post-apocalyptic quality but more in a calming way. Churches are thought of as places of refuge where things may not be able to get to you or where you will be taken care of. The lighting in most of these pictures also gives a sort of “calm after the storm” feeling, like its over and now everything is quiet and still.

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