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So this week has been rough….

I started with a normal week, trying to get all the assignments done and going to work like normal. The first half of the week was relatively easy, the second half was not so much. I had trouble finding a good video making software and figuring out how to get it to work, on top of doing my job. Then I was in a minor accident on Friday morning, no one was hurt but I currently have no car, and am not sure if I will get my car back or have to begin a search for a new car.

Part One of the Week:

Part one of this week was fairly easy, all that was required was to read some information and watch some videos about how to make videos and the principals of design in videos. I actually learned a lot from these assignments and noticed things that show up in movies that I overlooked before.

Then of course there were the daily creates both focused on beauty, one was a beautiful tree and one was how to define beauty. For both I used pictures from my camera roll, the first of a beautiful bonzai tree, and the second of my cats paw.

Finally came the question of the week, what nursery rhyme would we change if we could. I chose the rhyme “Do you know the Muffin Man?” because the question, if asked in different tones can be taken to mean different things.

Part Two of the Week:

Part two of this week was to do twelve stars of visual assignments, I am not going to lie I was a little worried about being able to do so. Once I started looking through the assignment responsibilities I actually did find plenty that I wanted to do and had to narrow it down to what I thought I could get done in the time limit and what I thought would be most fun to do.

I ended up picking four assignments that when added together equaled more than enough stars but that is okay, they were fun to do.

Assignment One:

Three of our twelve stars had to relate to the question of the week, since my answer was the song “Do You Know the Muffin Man?” I chose to make a lyric video of the song for four and a half stars. I used PowerPoint to make a video then posted the video on YouTube.

Assignment Two: 

The next assignment I did was the two star video assignment called “Pupper Appreciation”, it was to make a video of photos of dogs. I used a mixture of funny dog memes and pictures of my own dog. For this one I used Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus for the first time and had a lot of fun figuring it out, as well as finding the pictures. I was able to insert a song into the video that I already had on my computer through iTunes. The program itself reminded me a lot of audacity in the set up and the way it was used.

This assignment meant a lot to me because I recently had to put my dog down, so doing this was a way for me to have fun, get my assignment done, and do it in her memory.

Assignment Three:  

The third assignment I did was called “Where Do You Want To Go?” and worth four stars. The goal was to make a video showing some destinations I would ideally like to visit on vacation. This one I also used Magix for but slightly differently. I again searched and found photos for each of my destinations then imported them to the program and messed around with positioning and transitions. This time however I added some music that came on the software rather than downloading the song off my computer or offline like I did in the previous assignments.

Assignment Four:

The final assignment I did was for three and a half stars and called “It’s Vacation Time”. The assignment was to pick our favorite vacation and find some pictures or videos of it, put them in a montage to music, and create a video out of it. I did so using Magix yet again, this time another different way. I put all my pictures in then used a special slideshow setting that I could pick my transitions and effects then the program would assign them randomly making the video flow better and be a little more interesting. I used pictures from my 2017 band trip to Disney and Universal in Orlando, I do not know if I have a favorite vacation but if I did, that would be it. We had a lot of fun all together and got to march at Epcot Center. I started the video using “When You Wish Upon A Star” and “You’ll Be In My Heart” but I got a copyright email when I uploaded it to YouTube so I had to delete it and redo my video, I ended up using Celine Dion’s version of the song “How Can A Moment Last Forever” from Beauty and the Beast (not copyrighted as long as I do not monetize it). I was happy with the way this one turned out, and had more fun with it than any other.

Daily Creates:

There were four daily creates this half of the week.

Thursdays was about gaps, the daily create site did not post during the time of day that they usually do and they called it a gap, then we were supposed to post something that had a gap and explain what it was. I chose a cookie which had broken, there was a gap between the head, arms, leg, and body of the Julius Caesar cookie.

Fridays was all about food, we were supposed to post a recipe to our favorite food and describe it a little. I posted a picture and what it was but did not realize until Saturday that I had forgotten the recipe so I wrote it then.

Saturdays create  was about what makes your heart sing, choose one or more pictures to show what makes your heart sing. In other words what makes you smile. I chose my boyfriend and some of my friends, they all make me happy but I could only use so many pictures, not to mention my family.

Finally, today’s create was to make an ending, not for anything specific, just make a powerful ending. So that is exactly what I did.

Looking Ahead:

I really learned a lot this week and I think I had the most fun with this week even though all the weeks were fun and interesting, this one taught me the most and was the most fun to learn about.

So the final week of assignments is over, it is time to look ahead to the final assignment, I am just going to put it out there, I enjoyed this class, I will be happy when I do not have to stress about keeping up with it but I am very nervous about what the project will be. I am looking forward to what the project will be but nervous about whether or not I will complete it to standards and in time.




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