Week Three in a Nutshell


This week was extremely hard, I felt that there was a lot to do in a short amount of time, especially this second half of the week, my full time job also started this week so I had to learn how to budget my time a little better. Lucky for me I have wifi access at work and a little time (emphasis on little) that I can try to get things done like the daily creates and design assignments.

Jumping Back to Part One

I felt like I learned a lot in the first half of the week and definitely went into the second half a tiny bit more confident. The best part was listening to the soundcloud podcasts and hearing what a good audio story sounds like. Going into the second half I was still a little nervous about whether or not I would be able to get the assignments done correctly and in time, here I am and I am still a tiny bit worried about the correctly part but I feel much better about the whole audio process as a whole.

Daily Creates Parts One and Two:

So starting with the daily creates, their were two this half of the week and two last half. Both halves of the week were a blast, at first I thought daily creates were kind of silly but now I see them as a fun way to use my skills and see glimpses of other peoples each day. It is always so fun to see how others interpret each days assignment in comparison to mine.

The first half was about Idleness and paintings, making a poster promoting idleness and taking a painting and making it into a GIF. I will not go into detail though because you can see that on my Daily Create post (the link is in the word One).

The second half of the week was all about using your creativity to describe you in a way. The first one I did was writing my name in tifnagh which was fun to do and fun to see everyone else’s as well, to see what they did with it. The second one was making a graph out of something, I made a bar chart comparing the Marvel merchandise on my bedroom walls by character.

Design Assignments: 

Next came the assignments, as I read the assignment page I began to panic a little, I was wondering how I was going to get it all done, but here we are doing the final post for the week and I actually have it done, with what I am beginning to think, might be a little extra. When I read the checklist at the bottom of the sheet I saw that it said five additional stars of design assignments, to me that meant five stars of design assignments on top of the twelve stars of audio, but as we get further in (even though they are done already) I am starting to wonder if those five were the extra stars we were supposed to get from audio assignments that we could choose. Either way I did do two design assignments from the design bank that equaled my five stars so if I am right then good if not then I guess I did extra this week.

For my two design assignments I did a Movie Quote and I created a t-shirt. The focus of both of these was Winnie the Pooh and his adorable relate-able quotes. I am glad I did them even if I did not have to because they were fun to do and I enjoyed looking at all the Winnie the Pooh things as I searched for what I needed.

Audio Assignments:

Next came the audio assignments, these were a little bit harder to choose and to complete. I was fairly nervous going into this and I was not sure exactly what to expect from a full assignment bank of audio assignments. I was pleasantly surprised in some ways, some of the assignments were very straight forward, still time consuming and some still hard, but they were easy to understand.

I started with the short story assignment, the goal was to use only audio to create a short story then publish it on soundcloud, which was another whole new experience but luckily not hard to figure out. I chose to make a short story about the process of going to the movies and buying popcorn, I started with parking the car and entering the crowded building, then getting your ticket taken and going down the hall, sitting and eating the popcorn and then everything goes quiet and the movie music begins. I was very proud of my final product.

Next I did a two star assignment called “A Collection of Your Favorite Sounds” that was actually a lot more difficult than I though it would be because I did not know what sounds to use. I ended up using five different noises and letting them just play back to back. I started with a marching band, then a fish tank, then a books pages turning, then a dog, then blankets shuffling. Each made me feel a happy emotion and each was something that I liked the sound of.

After that I did the complete opposite, I did a three star assignment called “Auditory Hell” where I had to take all my least favorite noises and layer them to make what I think Hell sounds like. This was actually even harder than figuring out my favorite sounds, both because I did not know what to use and because I was not sure what would layer nicely and still have everything be heard. I ended up choosing, train squealing on the tracks, crunching, ripping paper, and traffic. Everyone can agree on the train and the traffic thing I am sure but the crunching and paper thing are probably pretty specific, I know I can be weird but I just roll with it. I did end up having to seriously mess with the layering to make sure that you could distinguish the paper tear from the crunching which was both difficult and annoying because it meant I had to listen to it over and over again, however I am still not sure if I completely succeeded in that part.

Finally came the hardest assignment yet, the audio version of my alternate history assignment from last week. The goal was to tell the story in audio form the best way possible, well my voice sounds like crap this week, between the slight cold and the crappy microphone on my computer I had to do my best to tell my story through only audio, I did not think it turned out too bad and I was proud of it but I would have preferred a little more dialogue.


Next came the participation I tried my best to put good comments on a few peoples blogs however I was having trouble finding things to give constructive criticism about so I only did the ones I felt that I could be helpful on.

Wrap it Up:

As this week comes to a close I am left wondering what I could have done better and how I could have changed things, but I am also fairly proud of what I did accomplish, not to mention all that I learned. I am looking forward to what ever our next topic is, although I am nervous to have to learn more new techniques and keep up with more assignments but hey, that is college. I hope that I can continue to improve on both my design and audio skills as we move forward and hope that they will become useful in the future as well.

Until next week!




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