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The next assignment I did was the four star “Where do you want to go?”. The directions were to make a montage of pictures or videos of places that I would like to go on vacation and put it to music. 

In order to do this I had to first decide where I would like to go. In all honesty I am not a big traveler, I like seeing new things and new places and the beauty of the world is astonishing to me, but I am not a fan of the travel portion of vacations. I decided on Barbados, Italy, Wales, France, Ireland, Bermuda, and Australia, then I ended my video with some beautiful pictures from my home in Fauquier County, where I will always come back to, no matter how far or how much I travel.

I again used Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus to arrange and add to my pictures then add music and cut and trim the entire thing to fit well together. I used a different transition animation for each destination rather than each picture like in my previous movie, just to keep each destination connected, as well as the first picture in each destination series having the name of the area on it. I also started with a picture of the world saying “Lets Go Travel” and ended with a picture saying “Home”, to start and close my video. Finally came the music, I was able to download a music package through the program called “Around the World” where there were a few songs from different countries, unfortunately there were not some from every country so I used the Island one, not so much because of my beach destinations, but because tropical music like this makes me think of vacation in general.

My final assignment is also related to travel and I am actually fairly excited to work on it and see what I can do with it.


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  1. augustus45

    Good job on your presentation. While I limited mine to Ireland you did a number of places. I found it funny how I had used the three pictures you had for Ireland. Good job though, nice relaxing music.

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